Sunday, 8 February 2015

Handmade Coiled Structure that functions as a Placemat, Table Mat for Hot Saucepans and Basket

I have applied the technique of coiling, that is often used to make baskets, to develop a unique and charming placemat or table mat for hot saucepans. It can also function as a basket for example because the petals can be manipulated in different ways to create structures with varying uses. 

I used vibrantly coloured polypropylene rope as a core and coiled it into a structure using wool. This choice of core yarn enables the mat to be used for hot saucepans on work surfaces or tables because polypropylene has a good resistance to heat.

The yellow spiraled centre surrounded by crimson petals imitates the organic structure of flora as well as the stereotypical location of these colours in flowers. I also added coloured felted balls to the centre and outer edge of each petal in patterns to decorate the coiled structure further.

Side view of the petals after being shaped to form a basket

View of the coiled structure as a basket from above

Alternative way that the petals can be shaped to produce a
more enclosed structure

Photograph demonstrating how the petals can also be angled
so that they create the illusion of the structure being a flower

Detail of the coiling on the central spiral of the flower
View of complete placemat or table mat for hot saucepans from above
showing the petals opened out and flattened to a consistent height

Detail of the pattern that I created by sewing felted
balls to the inner part of each petal

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