Friday, 27 February 2015

Hand Woven Fabric Sample

I have recently learnt how to hand spin yarn using a spindle and to weave fabric on a four way table loom. I was taught how to weave a plain and twill weave as well as how to produce tapestry (to hide all the warp threads) and weave with alternating yarns to create a striped pattern.

The sample that I wove is shown in the photographs below. It is 9.5cm wide by 25.5cm long and took me approximately 4 hours to produce (half of this time was spent warping the loom which involved using a warping frame to create a warp, mounting the warp threads and finally threading them through the heddles and reed).

Complete woven sample showing the blend of ribbon, beaded string and hand spun yarn (salmon pink), wool yarn (green) and cotton chenille yarn mixed with lurex (blue) 

Detail of woven ribbon, beaded string and hand
spun yarn using a twill and plain weave

Detail of the selvedge where I wove ribbon into the fabric

Detail of green and pale blue fabric produced by weaving wool and lurex
mixed with chenille yarns, ribbon and beaded string 

The far left side of this photograph demonstrates the striped pattern
that I wove using alternating coloured yarn and the dense tapestry
can be seen on the right of the pale blue ribbon

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