Saturday, 17 January 2015

Innovative Coiling - Handmade Basket and Coaster/ Decorative Storage for Rings

I recently discovered a technique called coiling that allows one to create coiled shapes that can be shaped into baskets. I decided to use my imagination to produce a basket and then realised the potential to create a decorative coaster. In fact, once I had made the coaster I discovered that it could also be used to store rings because the shaped petals of the flower could be manipulated into any position.

The technique is relatively simple; it involves using a darning needle threaded with a yarn such as wool to cover a core of rope or similarly sized yarn. In order to add decorative features to my designs I threaded beads on to the wool as I coiled the shape or embellished  my creations after coiling. I also changed the colour of the wool to create a visual impact in each creation.

Decorative Coiled Basket:

This photograph in comparison to those below demonstrates
 how the decorative rim of the basket can be
manipulated into different positions

As is seen here in comparison to the photograph below, the position of the
beads on the rim of the basket can also be changed to suit
personal preference

Charming Coaster/ Storage for Rings:

This beautifully handmade flower could also function as a table decoration when not being used as a coaster or storage for rings.

The shape of this design was inspired by flowers; the red detail
represents the petals surrounding the yellow spiral centre
Through manipulation of the petals it was very simple to change
 the shape and purpose of this coiled flower as seen above

This photograph depicts the coaster being used to store rings as a
dual-purpose of the item

This photograph shows how it is possible to shape
 the petals so that they seem to encase the mug on the coaster
in a charming way

The petals of the flower could also be flattened if desired to
create a relatively flat coaster or table decoration

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